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15 Unique Ways to Promote Your Fundraising Page

You’ve taken the steps to create a fundraising page, but what’s next? You won’t see much success by just having a link to it on your website... With that being said, it’s time to get creative and think outside the box. Here are some ideas to promote your organization’s fundraising pages via your website, social media and marketing to let the donations flow in.


  1. Donate Button

Your fundraising page should be seen at all times on your website. A simple way to do this is by adding a button to your website’s header. Need help with this? Let DonorView build you a website.

2. Ways to Give Page

Your website should always have a Way to Give or Donation Page. This allows potential donors to understand your organization’s needs and gives them an easily identifiable place to donate.

3. Blog

Does your website have a blog or newsletter? You should ALWAYS include your donation page or button at the end of each blog. That way readers who are inspired and compelled to give can do so instantly.

Social Media

4. Bio

Your fundraising page should always be linked in your social media profile’s bio. This is usually one of the first places a person will go when they are curious about your organization.

5. Pinned Posts

Did you know you can pin a post to the top of your page on Twitter or Facebook? Make sure whatever post is pinned has a link to your fundraising form! This will be the first post any visitors see on your social media pages.

6. Staff & Volunteers

Encourage your staff and volunteers to send out or share posts with your fundraising page. This expands your network immensely and has the ability to generate new donors who know your staff or volunteers!

7. General Social Media

Include your fundraising page on any social media post that is relevant to your mission! Don’t wait for Giving Tuesday- if you’re looking for ideas of things to post, remind your followers of your donation page and your organization’s goals.

8. Promotional Videos

Videos are necessary for any organization to really tell its story these days. If your organization is utilizing video footage, try including a QR code at the end of your video that leads to your donation page or put the link in your video’s description.


9. QR Codes

DonorView automatically generates a QR code for any fundraising page. Start utilizing this on your marketing, communications and promotional materials to make it easy for people to donate!

10. Email Marketing

A button or link to donate should be included in any emails going out to your constituents. This is one of the best ways to directly show donors where they can donate.

11. Direct Mail

Keep things traditional and send out mail or a flyer to your constituents! You can easily add your fundraising page’s QR code to your next mailer.

12. Text2Give

Sign up for Text2Give with DonorView and text your constituents your fundraising page! With a 98% open rate, texting is one of the best ways to get your fundraising page out there.

13. Business Cards

Does your staff utilize business cards? Consider adding your fundraising page’s QR code to the back so people can easily donate and find out more about your organization right away!

14. Promotional Items

Any promotional materials that you’re giving out at events like flyers, shirts, water bottles, etc should be paired with a QR code so people know how to give to your organization right off the bat.

15. Marketing Materials

Does your organization send out brochures, flyers, PDFs? Each and every one of your marketing materials should have a link or QR code that leads to your fundraising page.

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