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Why Your Nonprofit Needs to be Texting

With a 98% open rate, texting is one of the most proven ways of guaranteeing your constituents are opening and acknowledging your messages. DonorView offers text messaging features for your nonprofit to utilize to help increase donations, attendance and so much more! To do this, we provide you with a number in your area code and you will simply choose a code for constituents to text and subscribe to your communications.

First, you might be thinking, how can I get people to sign up for text messages from my organization? There are multiple ways to get them to subscribe.

  • Email Campaigns: Introduce text messaging through an email campaign. Emphasize this as a new, easy way for your audiences to stay connected with your organization.
  • Website: Have your organization’s number and subscription code displayed on your website’s homepage so visitors can easily subscribe to your messages.
  • Social Media: Make a post on each of your social media pages that includes your organization’s number and subscription code!

Once you have audiences subscribed to text messaging, it will be important to narrow them down into lists. You might want to narrow them to categories like donors, volunteers or members.

Once your lists are created, you can send specific messages to your various audiences! Here are some ways you can utilize texting to increase your engagement.

A Major Communication Tool for Your Events

Keeping attendees informed and updated before, during and after the event is crucial to the success of your event.


  • Ask your attendees to sign up for text messaging during the registration process and when they check in.
  • If you have some potential attendees already opted in, but not yet registered- send them a text message with the link to register for any upcoming events!
  • Make sure you post your organization’s phone number and code to social media leading up to the event. If someone can’t attend, ask them to make a donation this way instead!


  • Keep your attendees informed during the event by sending important reminders or a welcome message!
  • Utilize texting for your live or virtual auctions! DonorView allows attendees to place bids right through their phones.
  • Have a live donation meter running on a big screen during your event and encourage guests to text and donate right from their phone!


  • Send a thank you message over to all the event attendees, update them on the goals achieved from the night, and if you’re still trying to reach any goals- make sure to send your donation page as well.
  • Looking for feedback? Send a link to your event survey for all attendees to fill out and get feedback for your next event.

Turn Texts into Donations

Send your donation campaign page link right to the hands of your potential donors. This makes it easy for you and your donors alike.

  • Access to your donation page in just one click.
  • Send goal updates along the way throughout your campaign.
  • Utilize merge fields to create personalized messaging.

Get the Feedback You Need

Getting feedback is essential to the success of your organization, events and campaigns. Figure out what is working by distributing a survey or form via text message.

  • Send out a survey after an event to see what your attendees liked and disliked
  • Distribute a survey at the end of the year to get feedback on your organization
  • Remind board members or volunteers to fill out important forms

Provide an Incentive

DonorView allows you to create unique discount codes for events, memberships or anything you need for your organization.

  • Encourage sign-ups by providing a discount code after your supporters sign up to receive texts.

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