What Your Nonprofit Should Be Posting on Each Social Media Platform

You might be asking yourself, what type of posts make the most sense for each platform?

In order to be successful, you have to know the ins and outs of what content resonates with your audiences, who your audiences are and what type of content you should be posting. You have to be aware that some things that you post on Twitter, might not be fit for Facebook, and some posts you make on LinkedIn won’t suit you well on Instagram.


Facebook is a platform with a wide demographic range. However, it tends to gather a bit of an older audience than some of the other platforms. Facebook allows you to type out longer posts with no character limit, giving you a wide ability to tell stories.

Best for:

  • Videos
  • Longer Posts
  • Feature Stories
  • Promoting Events


Twitter is a crowd favorite for younger generations and people tend to follow and retweet with missions and causes that really align themselves with. Twitter gives you a character limit, so it’s best to keep things short and sweet.

Best for:

  • Short & Simple Posts
  • #Hashtags
  • Utilizing Trends/Memes


This social media platform revolves around pictures and videos. On Instagram, it’s essential to draw people in with this type of content rather than your words. Also, don’t forget- links don’t work in your caption, so you’ll need to put a link or Linktree in your bio to get people to click on it.

Best for:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Capturing Live Story Footage of an Event


LinkedIn is full of professionals all over the world who have large networks. It’s also the platform where people are looking for opportunities to help or work the most!

Best for:

  • Job & Volunteer Opportunities
  • Sharing Events
  • Showcasing your employee/volunteer efforts


TikTok is a huge platform among younger generations and viral songs/dances. This social platform is great for creative, fun and heartfelt videos that promote your organization.

Best for:

  • Videos
  • Trending Music
  • Feature Stories

Social media has the power to increase your supporters, donations and so much more! All DonorView forms and event pages can be posted right on your page- take what you’ve learned here and send out a post today!

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DonorView is the #1 All-In-One Nonprofit Growth Software!

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DonorView is the #1 All-In-One Nonprofit Growth Software!

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