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The Benefits of DonorView Personal Coaching

Are you in need of assistance with how to operate specific features in the DonorView software? Look no further! We offer personal coaching to help you learn and navigate our software in a way that’s tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

Training Tailored to Your Nonprofit's Needs

Instead of covering a topic or module in general, we’ll address your specific project, questions or concerns. You can arrange to train an individual or a whole team from your organization. It is especially helpful for activities you perform infrequently like big events, annual membership renewals, special appeals, or year-end tax letters. It’s also great if you are thinking about trying new fundraising strategies like peer-to-peer campaigns, text messaging, or virtual auctions.

Help Get New Employees or Volunteers Up to Speed

Personal coaching is effective for new employees and volunteers and helps to get them up and running faster and more efficiently in the software. We can even train within your account so you can see how the system works with your data.

Flexible Training Sessions to Accomplish Your Goals

Personal coaching is a monthly add-on service for $198. It includes two hours of training over Zoom and is broken down into four, manageable 30-minute sessions. During these sessions, you let us know what topics you’d like to cover. For example, you have a gala coming up and you’d like to know how to create the seating charts, set up and manage an auction, and use the app for guest check-ins. In those four sessions, we can show you how the software can help you organize and manage it all.

Personal Coaching Anytime You Need It

Best of all, personal coaching can be turned off and on as you need it, so no-term commitment is required. It’s designed to support you when and how you need it to help you achieve your organization’s goals.

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