Spring Your Organization Forward With These New Features

Here at DonorView, we are always listening to our users and looking for ways to improve. Last week we rolled out new features for your organization to utilize within our software. Interested to see what they are? Check some of them out below and watch our new release video for an in-depth overview of these features.

1.Personalize Your Dashboard

You can now customize and add what you’d like to see displayed when you first log in to your Dashboard. Maybe you want to see your top 10 donors, upcoming follow-ups or the last 10 constituents added to your records right when you log in — pick and choose what is visible in the four quadrants as seen below.

2. Sell Gift Cards for Your Events

Do you have a plan for events in the future, but aren’t quite sure when they will be yet? COVID-19 has really had an impact on non-profit events, but we have hope for a brighter, eventful future ahead. Give your supporters the opportunity to purchase a gift card in advance before you announce your next event. A win-win — this helps you receive funds sooner and guarantees your supporters an amazing event experience in return.

3. Give Your Goal Thermometer a Quantity

Are you looking to have a quantity rather than an amount as a goal? Maybe you want to make it a goal to sell 200 plants or 1000 bricks for your next capital campaign. This is now possible for your next event or donation campaign. Look for this option underneath your Page Content and Display Settings when you’re setting up your next campaign or event.

4. Let Your Supporters Buy an Event Subscription

Does your organization have a series of events or performances? Give your supporters the opportunity to purchase a subscription for your organization’s upcoming events! These subscriptions could be for individuals or for the whole family.

5. Add Video to Your Email Campaigns

With our new release, now you can catch the eye of your supporters with a video in your next email campaign. Simply add your video’s link or upload your video and it will be included anywhere you’d like in your email.

6. Use Advanced Analytics to Improve Your Business Intelligence

The Advanced Analytics tool can be launched from various grids in DonorView and is designed to easily become a part of your Nonprofit Business Intelligence solution. Using this tool, you can:

  • Visualize your data, Aggregate, filter, sort and group data to focus on specific subsets
  • Drill up and down to see your data from different points of view
  • Save results
  • Export to Excel or PDF
  • Highlight insights
  • Use conditional and number formatting to bring the most important numbers and data trends into the spotlight

7. Monetize Your Email Campaigns

The Monetization tab now located under Email Marketing Overview allows you to see the effect of your email campaign in a financial way. When a donor makes a donation, purchases an event ticket, buys an auction item, etc. the transaction will be included in the monetization calculation IF the donor was included in the email campaign and used a link to the specific DonorView page.

If you’d like to see a video of these features walked through the software, please watch here: https://vimeo.com/520717432

Need help navigating these new features? Contact us.



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