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8 Fundraising Ideas for Your Nonprofit this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. A day to celebrate so many powerful women across the nation, and your organization shouldn’t miss out! Over $28.09 billion is expected to be spent on Mother’s Day gifts this year. This is a prime time for your organization to strategize and fundraise as this holiday brings in funds from gifts, flowers, outings and everything in between. We’ve compiled a list of some ways your nonprofit can help celebrate and fundraise this Mother’s Day.

  1. Get Creative with Cards

72% of people get their mom a card for Mother’s Day. Utilize some art skills within your organization or partner with a local artist to create Mother’s Day cards and have them listed for sale on your website and social media. These could even be designed and signed by those in your nonprofit community. If you serve children or animals, have them create unique cards with their hands or paw prints!

2. Partner with Local Businesses

Many local businesses are willing to join forces and help local nonprofits in their community. Try reaching out and seeing if they’ll collaborate in honor of Mother’s Day by giving your organization a portion of the proceeds or materials to create a raffle basket. Some local businesses to check out include local bakeries, jewelry stores, candle makers, floral shops or boutiques.

3. Host a Wine and Paint Night

49% of people take their mom on a special outing for Mother’s Day. Give the moms in your community a fun night with a little sip and paint action. Sell tickets to the big event and even allow for additional add-ons for things like raffle tickets, flowers, cards, etc. DonorView makes this all possible right on your event page. This makes it easy for family members to buy a ticket and surprise their loved ones with a fun evening! — If your organization is holding off on in-person events, host a virtual wine and paint night by delivering the supplies to the homes of attendees.

4. Brighten Their Day with Flowers

Who doesn’t love getting flowers? 68% of people gift their mom with flowers on Mother’s Day. Use this to your advantage and work with a local garden or florist to get flowers to sell on behalf of your organization. If someone in your organization has an eye for flowers, create beautiful bouquets that include a story that tells how they’ve helped your organization with their flower purchase. You could even see if a local florist would be willing to work with you and donate a portion of their proceeds.

5. Host a Virtual Auction

Collaborate with businesses and resources in your community to make some Mother’s Day auction baskets. These could include items from local businesses within your community. You can set up a page of your auction items online and allow people to bid right on your website with DonorView’s auction features.

6. Have a Mother’s Day Bake Sale

Gather up your community of bakers and put on a bake sale for your organization! Create a lovely assortment of cookies, pies, brownies, cakes, etc. and set up a table at your organization, a local business or farmer’s market before Mother’s Day and get people to make a purchase for the moms in their life! This is a great way to raise funds and awareness for your organization.

  • If your organization can’t make it out into the community, promote your bake sale on social media and arrange times for pick up!

7. Collaborate on Meal Kits

Partner with a local restaurant to put on a Mother’s Day brunch, lunch or dinner. You can see if they will allow you to take partial proceeds, or if your organization can cover the food costs and sell tickets to break even. With each meal kit, provide information on your organization and make sure they know their meal will go towards a great cause this Mother’s Day!

8. Celebrate on Social Media

Share some celebratory stories about moms on your social media channels. If you are an organization that specifically empowers and supports mothers, this is your time to make your mission heard. Even if your organization’s support is outside of motherhood, you likely have mothers in your staff, volunteers and those you serve. Make sure they receive a special shout-out on this day!

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