6 Ways to Celebrate National Nonprofit Day This Year

2 min readJul 21, 2022

August 17 is quickly approaching, and it isn’t just a regular calendar day — it’s National Nonprofit Day! This day is designated to recognize every nonprofit that is making a difference in its community and around the world. Be prepared for this day and use it to celebrate your organization’s progress and accomplishments. Read below to find out some ways your organization can celebrate National Nonprofit Day and further promote your mission!

1. Post on Social Media

Join in the #NationalNonprofitDay celebration by making a post on social media that acknowledges the growth and success of your nonprofit this year. Have your staff and volunteers join in by sharing their stories or love for your organization as well. You could even get a social media trend going that encourages people to donate and support your organization this #NationalNonprofitDay!

2. Send a Thank You Email

Don’t wait until the end of the year to thank your supporters. National Nonprofit Day is the perfect time to send out an email thanking all of your donors and supporters from the first half of the year. It’s important to keep up your communication regularly so your constituents feel more connected and compelled to give to your organization.

3. Acknowledge Volunteers

Volunteers are the heartbeat of any organization. It’s important that your volunteers feel appreciated and heard. What better way to show some love than on National Nonprofit Day! Need some ideas? Check out this list of ways to show volunteer appreciation.

4. Share Success Stories

Has your organization surpassed any goals, helped out a certain group/person, or put on a successful campaign or event this year? Make sure you highlight these moments, especially on National Nonprofit Day! Tell the stories that make your organization unique. It’s important for your followers and supporters to see how their support and donations come to life within your organization.

5. Launch a Campaign

Utilize the excitement and draw of National Nonprofit Day to launch your next fundraising campaign. People will be more compelled to donate and share how they supported your cause on a day like National Nonprofit Day.

6. Have a Celebration

What better time to celebrate your nonprofit? Host a party or get together with your organization’s team members and celebrate all of your nonprofit’s success! This is a great way to connect with your team and rejoice in all of your hard work over the past year.

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