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6 Tips You Need for Your Next Peer-to-Peer Fundraiser

So, your nonprofit has a great support system- but, it’s lacking new donors. What’s the solution? Peer-to-Peer Fundraising. This unique way of fundraising allows your organization and supporters to collectively work together to raise money while expanding within new networks.

Looking for some tips and tricks to ensure your next peer-to-peer fundraiser is a success? Follow along below.

1. Allow Fundraisers to Tell Their Story

It’s important to give your supporters the space to tell their story and why your organization means so much to them. Whether they use your services or volunteer, they’ve all been impacted in one way or another and have special things to share about your organization. These special stories will resonate their network of friends and family, which in return will broaden your audience and pool of donors. DonorView allows your fundraisers to create their own page that includes a description, photo gallery, goal chart, supporter list and more!

2. Amplify the Voices of Your Fundraisers

One of the best way to get peer-to-peer pages out there is to have your supporters share them on social media. If your supporters post their peer-to-peer campaign page on social media along with their story, this is the perfect time to share their post to your organization’s page as well. This allows people to see how much of an impact your organization has made in many different lives, all while raising money for your cause.

3. Provide a Guide

Some of your fundraisers might be new to peer-to-peer fundraising or maybe even uncomfortable asking for donations. Sometimes all your supporters need is some guidance. Start by providing them with instructions on how to easily set up their fundraising page. Then, give some post ideas to go along with their stories for social media. For example: $20 can help supply a family with food for a week, $10 helps a child get enough school supplies for the year, etc. Small things like this can help ease them into the fundraising world.

4. Allow for Teams & Individuals

Sometimes there’s more fun and success in numbers! Allow your fundraisers to create a team of friends, family or coworkers and let them work their magic as a group. Utilize DonorView’s peer-to-peer fundraising elements and place a participant list on your website for everyone to keep track of team and individual progress!

5. Set Milestones/Incentives

Have some fun with your fundraisers by having them set goals along the way! You could also incentivize the individual or team who raises the most. This will give your peer-to-peer fundraisers an extra competitive boost to raise more! In DonorView, you can allow badges to display on fundraising pages once your supporter has met specific goals.

6. Feature Your Biggest Fundraisers

It’s always important to recognize the efforts of those fundraising on behalf of your organization. Take the time to feature and thank those who participated and saw great success by sharing them on social media or your website!

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