6 Tips to Help Grow Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Following

3 min readJul 28, 2022

Social media is now a standard way of having people stay connected with your organization. However, sometimes it might feel like you’re not reaching new audiences or gaining any followers and it can feel like a lost cause. Don’t worry, there are so many ways to improve your content, gain new followers and build momentum within your online community. Social media is vital in this day and age and it’s important to not give it up! Read below to find out 6 easy tips that can get your social media following up in no time.

1. Follow Members of Your Community

It’s important to keep a network of integrated followers within your community. Whether it’s residents, public figures, businesses or organizations- follow people who are active and involved in the community. This will cause them to be curious about your organization and in return, could bring in more followers, donors and volunteers!

2. Have Your Supporters Share Your Content

One simple way to reach new audiences is by having your supporters, volunteers or board members share your posts on their page or stories. This means your post will now be seen by people who may not know about your organization or follow it on social media. This invites new audiences to click on your page and get to know your organization, which in return could bring in new followers, donors or volunteers. People are easily persuaded to donate or interact with an organization that their peers talk about passionately!

3. Stay on Top of Trends

Staying on top of social media trends can be daunting, but here are a few tips to make things easier:

4. Partner with Local Influencers

Do you have some local celebrities in your community or network? Use that to your advantage and see if they will promote your organization with a post on social media, or better yet, invite them to an event! One of the most valuable assets on social media is a following. You never know what influencers might be passionate about your organization and mission- have them spread the word to their followers!

5. Post a Variety of Content Consistently

The more you keep a presence on social media, the more your following will grow. You won’t find new followers by not posting and staying in the shadows. It’s key to keep an active presence that is full of a variety of content. Make sure you’re posting photos, videos, links, etc. If your content isn’t active or appealing, you’re less likely to see your follower count go up.

6. Have a Social Media Contest

A social media contest is a great way to spread the word about your organization while gaining new followers. One of the most common social media contests is taking to Instagram or Facebook. You start by crafting up a post that includes details about your contest: the prize, the rules, the time frame. In need of some prize ideas? Partner with a local business for gift cards, merchandise, etc.

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