5 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Appeal to More Volunteers

2 min readJun 17, 2022


Are you looking to increase your nonprofit’s volunteers? Read below for tips on how to keep your pool of volunteers growing and staying around for years to come!

1. Make it Easy to Sign Up & Show Interest

Your website should have a clear tab where potential volunteers can visit and find any information they need to get started. Make things easy to understand by having the steps of your nonprofit’s volunteer process listed out. If your organization requires volunteer applications, create a form in DonorView that potential volunteers can fill out to get started. List the contact information of the person in charge of your volunteers so that way people can reach out if they have any further questions or a unique skillset to bring to the table!

2. Try Hosting a Pre-Volunteer Orientation

There may be people in your community who are interested in learning more about your nonprofit and how they can help before they officially sign up to become a volunteer. Ease the volunteer process and turnover rate by hosting an orientation where you introduce all that your organization does and ways you need volunteers to help. After this orientation, invite attendees to sign up or fill out an application to get started. You could make this orientation in-person or even online to accommodate more people!

3. Promote Volunteering on Social Media

Get creative and make some posts about your volunteer opportunities on social media. Invite people to apply, contact or sign up with any applicable links and watch the interest come through! To make volunteering even more appealing, highlight some of your current volunteer stories, experiences and appreciation on social media so people can see what they can be a part of too!

4. Offer a Variety of Volunteer Opportunities

Every person has unique skillsets and abilities, so make sure you offer a variety of ways your volunteers can help! Some different variations your volunteers might be able to assist include:

  • Event Planning
  • Hands-On Activities
  • Office Tasks
  • Social Media
  • In-Person Event Appearances

5. Make Sure Your Volunteers Know They’re Appreciated

The past few years have been hectic and many people are looking forward to fulfilling their time in meaningful ways moving forward. Make sure your efforts of gratitude are at an all-time high for your volunteers willing to help you. Never miss an opportunity to acknowledge their support and efforts- even a small gesture like a personalized note or small gift can mean so much! For more ideas on how to show your volunteer appreciation, check this out.

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