4 Ways You Can Better Understand Your Supporters Today

2 min readMar 31, 2022

It’s important to sit back and really understand your supporters and donors. You’ll find many are connected to your organization for many different reasons and motivations. Taking the time to get to know your supporters also makes them feel even more valued within your organization. And not only this, but it’s important to understand how they choose to interact and give to your organization. Here are a few ways you can dig deeper and better understand your supporters and what motivates them within your organization.

1. Find Out Their “Why”

Start with the basics and ask your supporters in a survey or campaign to share their “why” or how they heard about your organization. This is a great way to get to know some of your first-time donors or volunteers especially. Send them a thank you or welcome packet and introduce yourself and organization and get to know them. Some people may have a deeper connection to your organization than you’d think.

2. Track Email Analytics

Do you know what type of emails cause your supporters to give or jump to action? Is it heart-warming stories of impact or emails from your Executive Director? Every organization and donorbase is different. Track your email analytics in DonorView and see what types of emails are causing people to donate, click links or get involved.

3. Ask for Supporter Feedback

It’s important to get feedback from the people who interact with your organization the most! Whether it’s donors, volunteers or just general followers — try sending out a survey to gauge feedback on what your supporters like or think is best! You could do this after events, fundraising campaigns, etc. to get some quick direct feedback. This shows open communication and how your organization is willing to work with supporters ideas and feedback to keep improving.

4. Check Social Media Insights

Check up on how people are interacting with your social media posts and content. Social media is a huge way of gaining new supporters and sustaining long-term supporters. Do posts with written stories or videos do better with your audience? Photos with graphics or without? Even things down to the time and day you’re posting matter to your audience. Start checking your social media analytics and make necessary changes going forward.

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